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Nationwide Delivery & Installation

Automated Service Support

RO Plus UV Water Purifier

৳ 24,900.00

  • Triple Protection: RO+UV+UF
  • Purifying Capacity: 100 GPD
  • Stages: 8 Stage (PP, GAC, CTO, PP, RO, Composite Alkaline and Mineral, T33 & UV)
  • Storage Capacity: 4 Gallon/12 Ltr,
  • Real-Time Purity Indicator.
  • 2 Years Guarantee

Features at a Glance

ULTIMA Royal RO comes with 100 GPD (378L/Day) purification capacity and tons of other features that make it stand as #1 RO water purifier in Bangladesh. It’s an automatic inline system. So there is no hassle of boiling water and no risk of chemical mixing.

6 stages++ Purification

Based on the water quality, additional pre-stages can be added to ensure the longevity of your RO device.

Larger & Air Pressure Storage Tank

100% food graded 12 liters 50 PSI air pressure tank that prevents open air contact & recontamination.

Advanced Auto Shut-Off

It immediately shuts off the power after completion of purification. So no waste of electricity!

Optimum Mineral & pH Balance

Not Only ULTIMA provides the cleanest water, but also adds essential minerals & ensures optimum pH level.

100% Water Protection

Its latest USA based RO technology ensures 100% safe & mineralized water at home.

Portable Multi-Faucet

Its anti-rust alloy faucet can be equipped with additional faucets & set up in any suitable place.

2 Years Easy Guarantee!

You are fully protected by 2 years Guarantee. If you face any issues within the guarantee period, our strong service team will fix or we will gladly replace that with a new one! No questions asked!

Premium Service Support

Our automated service support ensures time to time maintenance of your RO device.  You will get knocking from us when it's time to service your RO Device. And after confirmation, our service team will provide you the best service that will surely satisfy you.

Compromise on the safety of drinking water? No Chance!

Complete RO Protection

ULTIMA Royal RO Water Purifier comes with USA technology based pure Reverse Osmosis (RO)  protection without any customization. It is built with the best quality Cellulose material with the smallest filtration pore size of 0.0001-micron. It removes dissolved salts, hardness and heavy metals like Arsenic, Cadmium, Chromium, Lead, Mercury and Ferrocyanide. It also removes Virus, Bacteria, and Algal ensuring 100% safe, pure and healthy water for your family.

USA Technology

0.0001-micron filtration pore size

Better the Purifying Capacity, longer The Device lifetime.

100 GPD purifying capacity

As the RO membrane has 0.0001-micron filtration pore size, and on the other hand water molecules diameter is as low as 0.000275-micron, water needs an extra pressure to pass through the RO membrane, Ultima's powerful 100GPD booster pump does the job!
If you live on the top floor where source water pressure is very low,  nothing to worry about! With its self-priming feature, It can work with ~ 0 PSI input pressure.

Note: Ultima's powerful 100 GPD (378 L/Day) Booster pump is two times more powerful and long lasting than the 50 GPD R.O. devices commonly available in the market.

378 L/Day purifying Capacity

Self-Priming Powerful booster pump

Ultima ensures safe drinking water by multi-layer purification!

Advanced 6 Stages of filtration

Its advanced 6 Stages of filtration ensures 100% safe, pure & mineralized water at home. Generally, Ultima's mandatory 6 Stages of purification system is suitable for Bangladesh Municipal water (Up to TDS-150). But if the input water has impurities normally not present in drinking water (high iron/turbidity/microbial contamination etc.) or water is from unknown resource (river /lake /pond/bore well etc.) then additional pre-treatments like Iron Remover, Water Softener, etc. (up to 3 extra stages) may be required based on your water quality test report which ULTIMA Water Advisor will recommend you after testing your supply water.

Perfect Water Treatment

Let's see how it purifies

Specification of ULTIMA Royal RO


Net Weight: 13 Kg; Packaged Weight: 15kg


Natural Cellulose with 0.0001-micron pore size

TDS Reduction:


Purification Capacity:

100GPD (378L/Day)


4G/ 12L 100% Food Plastic Pressure Tank


Input Voltage: 220/240V
Working Watt: 36W, 50/60Hz


6 Stages: ( PP, GAC, CTO, RO, T33 & Composite Alkaline and Mineral )


Anti-Rust Alloy (Aluminum, SS Steal) 


Input Pressure 0~ 5PSI

What are in the Box?

  1. Faucet (1 Set)
  2. PP filter (1pc)
  3. GAC Filter- (1pc)
  4. CTO Filter- (1pc)
  5. Nipple for Water Connector (1pcs)
  6. Air Pressure Tank (4 Gallon-1 set)
  7. Housing and Membrane housing key (2pcs)

Customer's Reviews

Akash Hayat

I bought an Ultima product and using for three years. Their product seems the best one in Bangladesh. Highly Recommended.

Anik Khan

The water purifier is good looking & very stylish.. the service is soo good & the quality of water is the best...????????????

Ashik Sarder

This is the best RO WATER PURIFIER in Bangladesh.......... I previously used Livpure and It was just garbage.

Sana Sanhi

পানির অপর নাম জীবন। আর বিশুদ্ধ পানি সরবরাহের মেশিনের নাম Ultima. আমি একটি Ultima মেশিন ক্রয় করেছি সার্ভিস খুব ভাল। বিশুদ্ধতার মান খুব ভাল।