Frequently Asked Questions About RO Water Purifier

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General Questions

A. ULTIMA RO Water purifier is the most advanced and latest USA technology based automatic inline system that will be connected directly to your water supply and give you 100% safe, pure & mineralized water made at home! So there is no hassle of boiling water and no risk of chemical mixing.

Its 100 GPD purification capacity ensures 100% safe, pure & mineralized water at home through 6 advanced purification stages (MF+CF+UF+RO+TDS Modulator+ Post Carbon Filter). Additional pre-treatments like Iron Remover, Water Softener, etc. (up to 3 extra stages) may be required based on your water quality test report which ULTIMA Water Advisor will recommend you after testing your supply water. To know deeply please read: How Ultima RO Water Purifier Works?  

Services Related Questions

A. ULTIMA always gives the most priorities to your satisfaction and the best service for your device. To ensure the longevity, it is recommended to do service of ULTIMA devices by ULTIMA Support team only. Also, note that opening and servicing ULTIMA device by any non-authorized person may void your guarantee.  Call our ultima Helpline if you face any issue which requires servicing and opening the device. Please make a troubleshoot service request to our service center here by:

Troubleshooting Related Questions

A. In case you cannot dispense water from the tap, then you need to first check

  1. Is there electricity or not?
  2. Is water supply switched on or not?(ON: Clockwise Direction, OFF: Anti-Clockwise Direction)
  3. Check the availability of your Main water supply.
  4. Is the reserve tank switch (attached with ULTIMA RO Device) on or not?

After checking the above checklists, if your problem is not solved yet kindly make a troubleshoot service request to our service center by


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