Ultima Crystal Elite RO Hot & Cold RO Water Purifier


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R.O System
Power: 24 V (DC)
Purifying Capacity: 283.5 L/Day
Purify Water By 7 Stages: (PP, GAC, CTO, Sediment,
C1 Active Carbon, R.O Membrane & C2 Active Carbon).
GAC: Granular Activated Carbon Filter (I-1100 Grade).
CTO: Chlorine, Test & Odor Filter (I-1100 Grade).
C1 & C2 Active Carbon: Activate Carbon Filter (I-1200 Grade).
R.O Membrane: A Grade R.O Membrane (0.0001 µ Pore Size).
Booster Pump: 75 GPD High-Grade Booster Pump.
Water Dispenser Feature
Power: AC 220V-240V, 50/60Hz, 535 W.
Technology: Smart Touch Technology.
Water Input System: Automatic.
Heating Power & Capacity: 420 Watt & 4 L/h.
Cooling Power & Capacity: 75-90 Watt & 2 L/h.
Water Type: Hot, Cold & Normal.
Water Capacity: 12 Liter.
Hot & Cold Water Temperature: 85-95 °C & 05-15 °C
Compressor Type: 1st Cooling with Effective Compressor
Internal Water Tank Materials: Standard SS 304.
Safety Protection: Anti-dry burning protection.



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